Hello! I’m a writer, programmer, father, husband, and New Yorker. This is my blog primarily devoted to my writing career, but I also delve into music and film without much provocation or warning. I write about my, er, writing-process, and my path towards publishing material both through my own venues and by selling stories to other people. I hope you’ll stick around and join in the conversation!

You’d like more?

Ok… I have been writing stories as far back as I can remember.

The first compliment I ever got from a teacher was about my writing, and they encouraged me to write (terrible) poetry and (slightly better) short-fiction. This, I did, and even edited the school literary anthology in my senior year in high school. For a number of years, I held out hope of joining a writing program in college. My parents, however, had more realistic expectations and quietly guided me into a software degree.

This never stopped me from writing – though I poured most of my energy into role-playing games for a number of years. When I came up for air, I began to submit some short-fiction (some of which was published) but soon was gripped by a novel that consumed three years of my life. After that, I dabbled in some play-writing and had some success even in the crowded New York scene, and would like to return to it one of these days.

After seeing the immediate and real satisfaction that my wife, the writer Donna Ansari, takes from writing and publishing her own books, I’ve decided to try my own hand at it, if for no other reason than to stop fiddling with books and stories long past their “publish-by” dates.